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Healthy Pets For Life

Greenville Humane Society’s mission is to preserve the lives and enhance the well-being of animals. Our Vaccine Clinic does just that. We’re proud to offer common preventive services like vaccines, testing, and more to help keep your pet healthy—without breaking the bank, starting at $10! Here, you’ll get the same stellar care you deserve, but our costs are lower than traditional veterinary clinics (plus, you’re supporting a great cause!).

Fear Free CertifiedOur staff is Fear Free Certified and prioritizes alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress in an effort to provide the best care to your beloved pet(s). Learn more about the Fear Free Certification here.

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Location & Hours

Vaccine Clinic
307 Airport Rd.
Greenville, SC 29607
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We are now accepting walk-ins Monday – Friday from 10:30am – 3pm.
Please note: A walk-in convenience fee of $10 will apply for all services. Limit 2 animals per walk-in. Walk-in availability applies only to public clinic clients; rescue groups are excluded.

Appointments Available:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 4pm
2nd Thursday of Every Month: 5:30 pm – 7 pm
1st Saturday of Every Month: 9 am – 12 pm

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Request Medical Records

Please use the link above to request medical records. If you have questions or concerns, please email our Vaccine Clinic team.

Safety Protocols

Safety is our top priority. All customers must adhere to the following guidelines when visiting the Vaccine Clinic:

  • Owner will be required to wait in the lobby during services. Vet assistant will retrieve pet and take it to the exam room for services.
  • Retractable leashes are not permitted at the Vaccine Clinic. All leashes must be no more than six feet in length for safety purposes.
  • Each pet will require their own appointment. Please be sure to schedule an appointment for each pet requiring services.
  • All dogs must be leashed and all cats must be in separate carriers. We have leashes, collars and carriers available for purchase should you need to buy them.
  • Owner must be 18 years or older in order to sign vaccination form.

Please note: We are not able to fill prescription ordered requests from other on-line pharmacies.

Protect your pup this summer!

If you’re planning to take a vacation this summer, make sure your pup is protected while at daycare or boarding! This June, Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations are only $20 at our Vaccine Clinic! These vaccines are required every six months by veterinarians and daycares for boarding, so make sure you’re prepared for that vacation you’ve been looking forward to!

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Vaccine Clinic Services & Pricing

Vaccines & Testing

We follow the current vaccination guidelines published by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for dogs and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) for cats. We adhere to the recommendation that vaccines should not be given more often than every 2 weeks, regardless of which vaccine is given. 

Please note that we are unable to complete health/travel certificates. 



Standard Vaccines (Cats & Dogs) Price
1-Year Rabies Vaccine $10
3-Year Rabies Vaccine $35
Dog Vaccines Price
1-Year Canine/Puppy Distemper/Parvo-DHPP $10
3-Year Canine/Distemper/Parvo-DHPP $35
Bordetella $30
Leptospirosis $35
H3N8/H3N2 Flu Vaccine $35
Lyme Disease Vaccine $35
Cat Vaccines Price
Feline Distemper Vaccine $10
3-Year Feline Distemper Vaccine $35
Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Vaccine $30
Feline Leukemia/FIV Combo Test $35 + tax
Heartworm Prevention
Heartworm Antigen Test $35

We offer a variety of low-cost preventative medications to keep your pets safe. We do not offer treatment for pets who are heartworm positive.

To obtain a prescription for our heartworm medications, you must provide proof of a negative heartworm test within the past year. If it has been over a month since the heartworm test was performed, proof of continuous prevention given since the test must be provided. If you do not have proof, just bring your pet in for a quick exam to get your prescription.

Heartworm Prevention GuidelinesHeartworm Medications
Microchipping $20 + tax

A microchip is a permanent identification apparatus that is injected under the skin of a dog or cat. Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and house a tiny computer chip. Each chip contains an identification number that is registered in the 24PetWatch microchip registration database.

Collar tags can break or become unreadable. Microchips are permanent pet identification that last a lifetime. Microchipping is a quick and painless procedure and offers the best chance of recovering your pet.

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Intestinal Parasite Treatment (Pyrantel) $10+
Tapeworm Treatment (Praziquantel) $27+
CATS ONLY: Intestinal Parasite/Tapeworm Combo Treatment (Profender Topical) $25+

We offer deworming treatment for intestinal parasites and/or tapeworms. Pricing varies based on your pet’s weight.

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Ear Mite Treatment (Cats Only)
Ear Mite Treatment (Cats Only) $20
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Nail Caps/Covers (Soft Paws)
Two front paws $35
All four paws $45

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM by appointment only.
Cats are required to arrive and remain in a carrier.

Nail caps are applied over a cat’s trimmed nails and provide a safe and humane alternative to declawing. Nail caps do not interfere with the normal extension and retraction of your cat’s claw and fall off with the natural growth of the nail. Guests can wait in our waiting area while this service is done.

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Vaccine Clinic Reviews

Top Notch Care, Friendly Service, & Affordable Prices

Good prices on vaccines, heartworm tests, and heartworm medicine. I buy my yearly supply of Revolution from here. Friendly staff and fast service. Love the place. Love the prices.

David C.

We have two stray cats, Bandit and Cloudy, my wife and I took in to get spayed and neutered and also vaccinated. They actually took our cats back even before we finished the paperwork ... They were very friendly and helpful and so much cheaper than a private veterinarian. It had a very clean sanitized smell inside as well, very comforting during this pandemic. We would recommend this place to everyone.

Michael E.

Very friendly and caring staff. I would recommend anyone to take their pet here to their vaccinations clinic.

Shirley W.

They were great with my dog fast and affordable!

Stephanie L.

I’ve taken my pets to the vaccine clinic (2nd building) several times. They are quick, organized, and informative.

Izzy W.
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