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Looking for a Specific Breed?

We understand that you may have fallen in love with a specific breed of animal, but that you still want to rescue. Certain breeds don’t end up in shelters very often such as purebred animals, designer mixes such as Goldendoodles, or hypoallergenic animals, but we do have them on occasion. That’s why we created our Best Friend Finder Wait List!

Find the Pet That’s Right For You

With Our Best Friend Finder Program

If you are looking for a certain breed of dog or cat, simply fill out the appropriate application below. Our Adoptions team will notify you once we receive an animal matching your criteria. You’ll then have the opportunity to meet the animal and decide whether or not you would like to adopt him/her.

Breed-specific dog requestBreed-specific cat request

Best Friend Finder Pet Pricing

Any adoption fee paid for an adopted pet is a donation and goes back to the care of the animals. Our adoption fees vary based on species, age, breed and demand. Please keep in mind any adoption fees listed below are subject to change. As a private nonprofit, we do not receive funding from the government to provide for the animals in our care.

BFF animals have a higher adoption fee to help offset the cost of other animals that could stay in our care up to 6 months. BFF adoption fees allow us to pull more animals from high-kill shelters that would otherwise face euthanasia.

Age BFF Cats BFF Dogs
Under 4 months $150+ $500+
4–6 months $125+ $300+
6+ months $95+ $300+
Explore Other Adoptable Pets

Not sure if the Best Friend Finder program is right for you? No problem. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect pet with us!

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