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Foster Care Saves Lives

Want to help a pet in need but aren’t sure if adoption is for you? Consider our foster program. Foster care is temporary care and shelter for our animals that are either too small, sick, injured or need socialization We are looking for patient and kind adult volunteers to participate.

Animals are placed in foster care for a set period of time (average of 1 week) and later returned to the Greenville Humane Society for a check-up. For the duration of foster care, the Greenville Humane Society provides food, any necessary medications, a crate, a collar and leash (for dogs), a pet carrier (for cats), and training for the volunteer. All the foster needs to provide are love, attention, and proper care for the pet.

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Foster Program Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have current pets spayed/neutered
  • Have current pets up to date on vaccinations
  • Have appropriate facilities to house the animal
  • Live in a house/apartment where pets are allowed
  • Complete an application and submit it to the Greenville Humane Society
  • Be able to bring the foster animal to the Humane Society for scheduled appointments
  • Understand that all animals remain the property of the Greenville Humane Society and must be returned for medical care and adoption

Foster Program Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Provide a loving and nurturing environment for the foster animal
  • Feed, medicate and groom the foster animal as instructed by the Greenville Humane Society
  • Isolate personal animals from the foster animal for the duration of the foster period, unless specifically given permission from the Greenville Humane Society to do otherwise
  • Ensure the safety of the foster animal
  • Observe and report any changes in behavior, health or temperament to the Greenville Humane Society
  • Keep the foster animal under your care for the designated time period

Change the Life of a Sick Homeless Animal

Many pets end up in foster care because they are sick and need more care and personalized attention than they can receive in a shelter environment. These pets need your support to be rehabilitated so that they can find their forever homes! The GHS Hope Fund helps provide necessary medical treatment to deserving pets. Your donation can give hope to the helpless.

Hope Fund Giving Levels
  • $10 – Provides a Week of Food for a Sick Animal
  • $25 – Treats a Homeless Animal for Kennel Cough
  • $50 – Treats a Homeless Animal for an Upper Respiratory Infection
  • $100 – Treats a Homeless Animal for Ringworm
  • $300 – Treats a Homeless Animal for Parvovirus
  • $500 – Treats a Homeless Animal for Heartworm Disease

Become a Hope Fund Hero. Simply select “Hope Fund” in our online donation form to designate your donation today.

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Foster Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for choosing to foster a pet at the Greenville Humane Society. Your generous donation of time and effort helps us to save more animals and provide them with loving homes while they recuperate from their illnesses. Without your compassionate heart for these “second-chance” pets, we would not be able to care for the number of animals that we do.

We value our volunteers’ input and want to improve our services in any way that we can. By completing this short 10-question survey, you are providing us with invaluable feedback we need to ensure continued success. All survey responses are anonymous. Thank you for your contribution!

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Become a Pet Foster Parent Today

Simply fill out our foster application to begin. Once you’ve applied, schedule a foster appointment with our team. We look forward to meeting with you!

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or call us at 864-263-5605