Yearly Statistics

2020 Year in Review

Adoptions: Adopted 4,042 pets into forever homes.

Admissions: In 2020, 51% of Greenville Humane Society animals were owner surrenders and 49% were transferred from other animal shelters. We now partner with 32 high euthanasia shelters in 5 states to pull animals. By doing so, we are helping to lower the euthanasia rates in the entire Southeast.

Annual Save Rate: 99.7% (4,052 animals were admitted to the shelter in 2020. 10 or .2% were euthanized to end their suffering from illness.)

Spay/Neuter Surgeries: 13,659 surgeries in 2020. 10,493 of these were public surgeries.

Vaccine Clinic: 50,841 vaccines were administered at the Greenville Humane Society.

Healing Place/Hope Fund: 1,368 animals were treated for serious diseases and illnesses (in homes and onsite.)

Greenville Humane Society Website/Social Media: 419,843 unique users visited our website a total of 868,899 times in 2020, a 17% increase over 2019. Of these visitors, 47.4% were new. 81,300 people followed our journey on Facebook and Instagram, a 12.8% increase, and our messages were seen nearly 4.3 million times.