Yearly Statistics

2018 Year in Review

Adoptions: Adopted 6,099 pets into forever homes which makes the Greenville Humane Society the largest no kill facility in the Southeast just behind Atlanta.

Annual Save Rate: 99.7% (5,456 animals were admitted to the shelter in 2018. 17 or .3% were euthanized to end their suffering from illness.)

Admissions: In 2018, 43% of Greenville Humane Society animals were owner surrenders and 57% were transferred from other animal shelters. We now partner with 36 high euthanasia shelters in five states to pull animals. By doing so, we are helping to lower the euthanasia rates in the entire Southeast.

Spay/Neuter Surgeries: 15,385 surgeries in 2018. 10,594 of these were public surgeries.

Vaccine Clinic: 52,757 vaccines were administered at the Greenville Humane Society.

Healing Place/Hope Fund: 2,321 animals were treated for serious diseases and illnesses (in homes and onsite). We were able to treat 61% more animals with upper respiratory infections, many of which were pulled from other shelters while sick, in our new expanded URI treatment room. Overall, 38% of the animals who found their forever homes in 2018 went through treatment in our Healing Place.

Volunteer Program: 39,495 total volunteer hours donated in 2018. On average, 223 active volunteers each month.

Greenville Humane Society Website: 732,841 visitors in 2018. Of these visitors, 40.8% were new.