Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in a Natural Disaster

When preparing for bad weather or natural disasters, don’t forget your furry family members! Here are some quick tips to follow in case the worse happens!

  • In addition to your family’s standard First-Aid Emergency Kits, consider supplementing with some of the following for your pet: pet food, enough water for everyone, a crate or carrier, a back-up leash and collar, a blanket, suitable bandages, designated pet tweezers, pet aspirin, and antiseptic. You can also buy pre-assembled pet first-aid kits.
  • Hard-copies of important paperwork is easy to lose track of on a normal day, so back-up medical records, proof of ownership, and microchip information on a cloud-based platform, like Google Doc, OneDrive, or iCloud, so you can access needed documents from any device! You can also look into websites that are specifically for this purpose, like AKC Reunite Online Record System for pets, or WebMD Health Manager for your own!
  • It is especially important that they are up-to-date on all of their vaccines.
  • Make sure all identification, like collar IDs and microchips are up-to-date with the correct information! Most microchip companies have convenient websites, where you can easily update or verify any information, and add emergency contacts in case you cannot be reached.
  • Most of us have so many photos of our beloved pets already, try to pick one or two to use in case they go missing that are clear, in color and recognizable!
  • Whether your pet is an inside/outside animal or strictly outside, plan to keep pets inside if expecting inclement weather. Not only is it the best way to shelter them from the weather, but it will reduce chances of them getting frightened and running away, and help for quick evacuations if the situation calls for it.
  • Talk to a neighbor or someone that lives nearby to check on or get to your pets in case you are not home or cannot get home in a timely matter.
  • When planning for the worst, call ahead to emergency shelters near you and make sure you can bring along your four-legged family members, and if there are any guidelines or restrictions. Check with pet-friendly hotels or pet boarding facilities as well in case there are no shelters around you that allow pets, and make reservations to avoid faculties being closed or overbooked. If possible, see if you and your pets can stay with friends or family members.


AKC Reunite- Printable Pet Emergency Guide

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