Calming Thunderstorm Anxiety in Pets

Does your pet suffer from thunderstorm anxiety? Common signs include hiding, shaking, panting, excessive drooling and constant barking, howling or meowing. Storms can be highly stressful for pets and for their owners. Here are a few ways you can help keep your pet calm during storms!
Allow Your Pet to Be Near You
Do your best to be at home with your pet during storms. Being alone will only increase their anxiety. 
Create a Safe Space Just for Them
Create an area where your pet feels safe. Many pets will hide in their crates or carriers naturally during storms. Prepare those spaces ahead of time with comforting items like blankets and their favorite toys. 
Close the Blinds
Place your pet in a room with no windows or where you can close the blinds to limit visuals from the storm.
Distract Your Pet 
Offer a Kong toy filled with peanut butter, a safe chew bone or their favorite treat! Give them a new toy or play their favorite games! 
Consider a Calming Shirt or Sweater
Snug fitting clothes such as thunder shirts or dog sweaters can have an effect on pets similar to swaddling a baby.
Speak with Your Veterinarian
In severe cases, many dogs and cats can benefit from anxiety reducing medications. Always consult a veterinarian before administering medication to your pets!


Keep your pet emergency kit nearby in case you need to evacuate as well as a leash, collar or pet carrier!