Greenville Humane Legacy Society

When you include the Greenville Humane Society in your estate planning, you enjoy the benefits of a gift to charity. Beyond that, you are helping to create a more compassionate and loving community that demonstrates a higher lever of compassion and respect for animals, and that understands the profound and tangible benefits of owning and caring for a pet.

Creating Your Legacy In Greenville

How we treat all living things says a lot about ourselves and a lot about our community. By leaving a planned gift to the Greenville Humane Society, you are helping to provide a clean, safe and caring environment for our dogs and cats that are in need of a second…and sometimes first chance.

Most rewarding of all, these dogs and cats provide love, companionship and emotional sustenance to the humans who take them home. Those who choose to adopt a pet benefit every bit as much as the pet does.

We all know that heart-wrenching feeling when we see a neglected animal. And we all know the wonderful feeling when we see a child or elderly person engaged with an animal. Your legacy will help reduce the neglect and increase the engagement for countless dogs and cats.

Leaving the Greenville Humane Society in your Will or Trust automatically makes you a member of our Legacy Society. The Greenville Humane Legacy Society was created to recognize those special and compassionate individuals whose planned gifts help ensure a humane and loving future for the homeless animals in our care.
For more information, please contact Erin Simmons, Donor Relations Manager – or 864.263.5606.